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Enclosed Auto Transport is one of the most costly ways to transport your vehicles. It usually costs double the amount of an open car carrier depending on the pick up and delivery city and state of the vehicle. An enclosed transport will protect the vehicle from the elements. Some but not all enclosed car carriers put a car cover over the vehicle and place an oil pan under the vehicle to protect them from any fluids that might be leaking from other vehicles.

There are several types of enclosed car carriers. Some enclosed car carriers have ramps built inside to accommodate up to seven vehicles at the same time. Some enclosed car carriers do not stack vehicles and can only transport one to three vehicles depending on the size of the truck. Enclosed transporters use nylon straps instead of chains to tie down and secure the vehicles. These straps are tied to the front and back of the undercarriage of the vehicles. Enclosed transporters have soft or hard sidewalls. Soft sidewalls of the truck allow the transporter to ship larger and wider vehicles. Hard sidewalls restrict the size of the vehicles. Antiques, classic and custom cars are usually transported in an enclosed transport. Transporter Auto Services, Inc. knows just how important and valuable custom and vintage vehicles are to their owners.