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Local Auto transport is shipping your vehicle within the state your vehicle is in.    Local auto transporters are designed to pick up and deliver several vehicles in the same geographic area at the same time.   Depending on the location of the vehicle, most car carriers can pick up and deliver within one to three days.   Drivers will call twelve to twenty-four hours prior to the pick up and delivery to notify you when the truck will be there.

A local auto transport service has several types of auto transporters that can assist with your vehicle transportation needs.  There are one to ten car carriers, flat beds, drop decks, and trailers that are pulled behind a truck.  What type of auto carrier depends on what type of vehicle you are shipping, and if the vehicle is running or non-running.

Auto transporters pick up running and non-running vehicles.  Some of the auto transporters use a winch to help assist non-running vehicles to help load the vehicles onto the truck.  This is safe for the driver and minimizes damage to the truck.   Most car carriers use chains to tie down and secure the vehicles from moving while in transit.  These chains are fastened under the undercarriage in front and back of the vehicles.  All vehicles are manufactured to be tied down this way.   This is a safe and reliable method.